"Comfort Construction & Engineering" LLP has its own production base, machinery equipment, including metal working machines for manufacture air ducts, equipment for powder coating, and the most significantly – its own assembly shops.


Spiral-wound machine.


Spiral-wound machine has been specially designed for completely automatic production of spiral-wound ducts.


Equipment for powder coating.


Use of equipment for powder coating provides the ultimate uniform, durable and high quality coating with high physical-mechanical, chemical and barrier properties. Powder coating of a metal is a method for producing decorative and protective coatings of various metal products, developed in the 60s of the last century. This method of powder coating is an alternative to applying liquid paint materials. The main advantages of the powder coating are: a small amount of paint per 1 square meter; possibility to re-use a paint; no toxic emissions into the atmosphere; no professional experience required for the work.


Rolling Machines.


Rolling Machines Series W11G - powerful 3-roll bending machines with electric drive. Specifically designed to work with sheet metal.

Can be equipped with additional coiler rolls to apply stiffeners and other swages, and rolls with special holes to bend rods.

The starter is equipped with a reverse. Both guide paths of the rear shaft move vertically, independently of each other, and display their location on the ruler. This allows to quickly readjust the machine from one diameter to another, as well as easily perform cone bends.


Electromechanical guillotine.


Electromechanical guillotine is designed to cut metal sheets and is widely used in automotive, shipbuilding and construction industries.

Guillotines Series Q11 are of inertial flywheel type, it can significantly increase their productivity; in cutting pieces of the same length, these guillotines allow to achieve a maximum efficiency.

Cutting blades have two and four working edges, which greatly increases their operating life before the first grinding. Sheet pressing is performed automatically before cutting. Backgage has a precise manual adjustment.


Manual segment bending machines.


Manual segment bending machines are used to support the production of adaptors, complex, including perpendicular bends and non-standard products. Segment knives of 30 to 100 mm (500 mm for the UKV model). Fastening of segment knives with a screw system or quick-detachable pressing system allows to quickly replace and combine segments without screws and tools.


Hydraulic press shear.


Hydraulic combined press shear is a multifunctional machine designed to save labor time, energy and cost.

This versatile machine is supplied with a set of standard tools, including support tables at punching, cutting and die-cutting stations, and can be easily adjusted on all five workstations. Each workstation is equipped with the appropriate pressing devices to ensure the safety, accuracy and ease of use.


Three roll profile-bending machine.



Three roll profile-bending machines have three working axis, position of the lower axes can be controlled through an arc. On each side of the machine auxiliary rollers are installed to monitor the detail’s motion and proportionate bending process. Ease of setup allows to perform various functions without having to replace the rollers. This machine combines economical operation, versatility and reliability.


Segmented bends assembly machine



ARC - 800 - machine for assembly of segmented bends, adaptors, caps using a standing seam. Stations for the seam rolling and settlement are installed on the machine. This offers an advantage, as no time shall be wasted on the machine changeovers. Using the upstanding lock replaces welding and increases the rigidity of the finished product. The result is a shaped part, which has both a beautiful appearance, and noted for its stiffness and ease.


Seam rolling machine.



Seam rolling machine LC 12DR is designed to roll 6 types of folded seams, including flat seam and Pittsburgh (American) seam. Seam rolling is performed without having to reconfigure the machine.

The main field of application is production of air ducts and component drainback systems.


Mechanical press.



Mechanical press with a C-shaped body of inclined type Series J23 is a standard stamping press, offering a stamping force in the range from 6.3 tons to 125 tons. Housing, stamp positioning device and a work desk are made of cast steel. Rigid swivel grip provides additional ease of the technical maintenance of the press. Crossed-axis helical gear reduces noise and improves stability. Press with a stamping force of 80 tons and above is equipped with balancing cylinders to balance the weight of the stamp positioning device and the stamping press.


Plasma cutting system Type MasterCut PR 3000/1500.



  • Working area 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Free access to the work area from all sides
  • "Hidden" frame for easy access
  • Internal exhaust system
  • Belt drive on X and Y axes
  • Crosshead speed 15 m / min (expandable up to 512 KB)
  • Interface RS-232 for connection with the office PC with HVAC COMMUNICATIONS DNC program
  • Modems and Cable (100 m) for direct connection of the office PC to the cutting machine
  • Thickness of a processed material: steel 400 N/m2 - 10-12 mm;
  • Galvanized steel - 10-12 mm; Stainless Steel - 8mm
  • Cutting precision +/- 0.5mm
  • Positioning precision +/- 0.2 mm
  • Power supply 220V / 50Hz / 2,5kVA; 3h380V / 6kW
  • Pneumatic air supply 7Bar / 260l / min
  • Sheetmaximumweight 300 kg


Max. Current - 45A

Software HVAC PM 2000

HVAC Software incorporates:

  • Program for round and oval flanges
  • Program for rectangular flanges
  • Program for automatic layout to reduce waste
  • Program for splitting oversized flanges
  • Program for interactive layout
  • Program for layout in the holes
  • Program for 3-dimensional representation in parametric programming
  • Program to create necessary specifications, drawings and labels
  • Programmable user database
  • Simple CAD program for two-dimensional knots
  • Interface for CAD (such as AutoCAD)


MasterZipper tunnel assembly machine 


Designed to automate workflow and increase the speed of assembly of straight sections of ventilation ducts of rectangular cross section.

The machine is in great demand at the enterprises of small and medium area completed with the automatic line for production of rectangular ducts. These two machines in a single shift work produce up to 10 000 m2 of direct ducts per month. Only one trained operator can be employed in the working process. The principle of operation of the tunnel assembly machine is that straight edges at the inlet result in tight sealed corner seam at the exit. Thus, the tunnel assembly machine produces both operations – seam formation and rolling- in one pass. 



US 100/1.0

US 160/1.2

Thickness of a processed material, mm

0,5 - 1,0

0,7 - 1,2

Min. size of a manufactured duct, mm       



Process speed, m/min




Spot welding machine Type 4640.


Spot welding machine is designed for sheet metal and steel rod.

Description of the model:

  • Upper lever with a radial traverse, moving from the pedal application, spot welding, welding control unit with a microprocessor.
  • Lever adjustment up to 320 mm, it can be adjusted depending on the requirements.
  • Electrode adapters of chromium copper for operation in heavy conditions, with long life-time designed for installation in a vertical position and at an angle.
  • Adjustable electrode stroke for maximum performance.
  • Transformer with water-cooling, with windings, filled with epoxy resin.
  • Levers, electrode adapters and electrodes with water cooling.
  • Simultaneous control system on a reverse-blocking triode thyristor, insulated by a safety thermostat from the water cooling loop.
  • Adjustable force on electrodes: a microswitch activates welding cycle upon reaching a predetermined value, generated by the pedal.
  • Pedal adjustment along the length.

Technical characteristics of a spot welding machine.

  • Mechanical drive
  • Levers made of brass, diameter - 45 mm, length - 550 mm
  • Welding power at 50% operation cycle - 16 KVA
  • Capacity - 600 t / min
  • Electrode stroke - 10-60 mm
  • Water cooling - 3 l / min.
  • Min. water pressure - 2.5 bar
  • Sheet thickness 3 + 3 mm
  • Rod 10 + 10 mm
  • Machine weight - 135 kg.


Automatic Busbar and Rack Profile production line TDC20, TDC30.


One of two universal flange forming systems used in the world practice is used in the TDC device. It saves lots of time and material, produces joints with good seal, with a strong and durable construction. This device is particularly suitable for production of ducts with a large cross-sectional area. The device consists of a frame for material supply, main forming machine and cutting machine, which includes grinder and hydraulic shears. Hydraulic shears provide accurate and high-grade cut. Control is performed automatically with a maximum speed of 6 m/minute. There are four types of devices: T- 20, T-30, T-35 and T-40, on which busbars for respective elbows of T-20DC, T-30DC, T-35DC and T-40DC types are made. Busbar of TDC type, made on the ACL equipment, is compatible with all air ducts made according to the DW144 standard, and meets the requirements of the compression test HVACPW / TMI (1987) - a special test to check the strength of tightness of the ventilation ducts framework.



A system of flexible bands is used for formation of pipes, cutting-off is produced by a milling cutter. Mechanism of smooth adjustment of a metal band feed. The machine is compact and does not require a large working space.



Stamping press JS23-100.


Single-crank single-acting press, open with mechanical height adjustment and slide stroke length adjustment. Designed for cold stamping operations: cutting, punching, bending, shallow drawing. On the working surface of the table a riser block is fixed with T-slots and a hole for "ill-omened" work. Electrowelded bed of the press has high strength, which ensures high accuracy of works. Presses are equipped with safe brake units, that allow to lock the movable operating part of the press in any position. Optionally equipped with an automatic feed of workpieces, stamps and automatic control system, allows to create automatic stamping line.

The line provides high-speed mass production of the angle section out of a bar of metal (a strip) with a thickness of 3 mm. This production method is the most efficient and economical, as is practically non-waste.